Whole Coloured Tagua Nut
Whole Coloured Tagua Nut
Whole Coloured Tagua Nut
Whole Coloured Tagua Nut
Whole Coloured Tagua Nut

Whole Coloured Tagua Nut

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Beautiful Natural Whole Tagua Nut

What is Tagua?  From the heart of the Amazon grows a special tree called the Tagua, or ivory palm.  It produces an extraordinary fruit, the Tagua nut, which has been used for buttons, jewellery and carved objects for centuries.

The purchase of the tagua nut supports the employment of nearly 35000 indigenous people.  The income received from the tagua crops is a strong incentive for them maintain the trees.  The nut is harvested and left to dry for a period of 3 years.  Once cut into manageable pieces it is shaped and polished and coloured with natural dyes.

These whole pieces come in vibrant colours with some many different shapes and markings they really are just visually awesome!  They are also super tactile, smooth, shiny and cold to touch! Each one also has a hole drilled through so could be great for a threading exercise for older children. These remind us and some of our customers of the old childrens tv show Greenclaws, where the green ogre would plant a seed and watch a magical plant grow from it! 

These would be a great addition to add to the tagua sorting counters to show the children where they came from and also to use in loose parts and imaginative play!  

These could also be used as calming stones and stimming stones for those who may need them due to their tactile feel.

For adults these would also look fantastic in a coconut bowl as a decorative piece in the home or at work - I know they make me smile every time I walk past the box and I cant help grabbing a couple out to have a look again!  

Due to the nature of the product which has not been tested as a toy these are not suitable for children under three and we would always recommend adult supervision at all times with any age child when playing with loose parts and small resources.  Any small parts can be a choking hazard.

Not a toy and should be used with adult supervision with children.

Each pack of 6 will have a random selection and will come in a paper bag.  

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