Tooth Health Timer Set
Tooth Health Timer Set

Tooth Health Timer Set

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Can you find the plaque? Can you brush for three minutes?

We are obessed a little with teeth brushing here at Lilbits due to some issues our own Lilbit had when it came to brushing for long enough and we decided to create some sets which will hopefully help and at the same time create some understanding about plaque and where it is on your teeth!

We have put together sets of Plaque Disclosing Tablets, Dental Mirrors and Large 3 minute timers so that children can see where the problems are on their teeth with the tablets, check out their mouth with the dental mirrors and time themselves brushing for long enough.  We checked this out with our dentist and she has given it the thumbs up.

The tablets come with 24 tablets and instructions which should be followed closely.

We provide two dental mirrors and one large timer in the set. 

You will also be able to purchase all of the elements of the set separately on our website very soon.

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