Handheld maths game for chidren, a great addition to any long journey from Lilbits Toys Wales

Math Trekker Multiplication and Division Games

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Portable Multiplication and Division Maths Games

Portable multiplication and division maths games
Ideal multiplication and division skills reinforcement for long journeys
  • Handheld game is perfect for independent play
  • Ideal for keeping kids entertained on long journeys
  • Addition and Subtraction game reinforces fact recall for 0-12 timestable
  • How to play:
    • Child chooses a level of game play
    • Maths game displays maths equations in the digital display
    • Child enters the correct answer
    • If the child enters an incorrect answer the same equation is displayed again at the end of the round
    • All equations must be answered correctly to finish the game
  • Portable games can be clipped to bags or zips for use on the go
  • Game sounds positive tones for right answers and negative tones for incorrect answers

Ideal for ages 8 plus but completely dependent on age and ability 

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