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Large LED Rocket Light

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LED Neon style Rocket Spaceship Light.

This bright Neon-effect light shaped like a rocket and is powered by a convenient battery pack, the red light illuminates to display the outline of a classic spaceship.
Whilst it may look like a bar-style neon light, it's actually a series of bright LEDs that run around the edge to give it the effect.
Plus, being battery powered it means it's a lot more efficient to run but looks just as good!
It features a bracket to mount it on the wall, or can be propped up to stand against another surface or object.
  • Red LED rocket light
  • Looks like a neon-style bar light
  • Features wall mount on rear
  • Can be propped up against another surface or object
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries
  • Power cable 100cm
  • Light 29cm

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