Large Crocodile Activity Wall - LilBits Limited
Large Crocodile Activity Wall - LilBits Limited

Large Crocodile Activity Wall

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Large Crocodile Activity Wall

The visually stunning activity wall is designed to look like a friendly crocodile that will attract interest and admiration wherever he is sighted. Made in five pieces, each with a different set of manipulative activities to encourage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills including: percussive instruments, a mirror, magnetic pen and ball followers, various mazes and threading activities, rotational pieces and a slotted line followers and interlocking cogs.

The crocodile will promote hours of fun for an individual child or small groups of children playing and learning collaboratively. The challenges offer a range of hands-on problem solving learning opportunities for the development of fine motor skills whilst engaging children in conversations about what they are doing.

The crocodile provides exceptional value for money and comes in 5 ready to go pieces. Each piece comes with fixing holes and attachment screws for easy fitting to a wall. By placing him low down children will be able to access him from a seated or standing position.


Supports the following areas of provision in the EYFS:

  • EYFS Personal, Social & Emotional Development: Self-confidence & self-awareness
  • Physical Development: Moving & handling
  • Communicatin & Language: Listening & attention
  • Mathematics: Numbers; Shape, space & measure
  • Understanding the World: The World
  • Expressive Arts & Design: Being imaginative

Supports quality provision using ITERS and ECERS:

  • ITERS-R: 15. Activities: Fine motor
  • TIERS-R: 18. Activities: Music & movement
  • ITERS-R: 22. Activities: Nature / Science
  • ECERS-R/E: Activities, Mathematics, Science & Environment, Provision for children with disabilities, Diversity

Total length 1745mm. Section lengths: head 360mm, front legs 347mm. middle 347mm, hind legs 347mm, tail 344mm. 12m+

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