Fraction Pie Puzzle - LilBits Limited
Fraction Pie Puzzle - LilBits Limited

Fraction Pie Puzzle

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Fantastic Visual way to understand fractions with the Learning Resources Fraction Pie Puzzles!

We all know the saying " as easy as pie" well why not make learning fractions this easy!  Visually understanding the concept of fractions is so important as it helps to set it in our brains for when we adult and lets face it most of us visualise circles, like when we talk about a clock, when we are thinking about fractions and of course looking at it in this way it will help when learning the percent of data and preparing pie charts too! 

This kinaesthetic* way to reinforce basic fraction concepts teaches children how fractional parts make up a whole and about equivalencies, common denominators and multiples.

Select a card, place the starting pieces, then complete the circles with the remaining fraction pie pieces. Includes game board, 50 levelled puzzle cards, 65 foam fraction pieces and Activity Guide.

For 1-2 players,

Recommended for ages 8 - 12 but is dependant on child and ability

* if you are not sure what this means as I wasn't, it is a tactile and action/ activty based way of learning which is an awesome way to learn!

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