Playfoam Pals Pets Party, a great tactile and sensory resource from Lilbits
Playfoam Pals Pet Party

Playfoam Pals Pet Party

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Playfoam Snowy Pals! Series 3

Create excitement with a surprise in each pod!

Collect them all!
Watch the anticipation build as young learners uncover their very own Playfoam® Pal™.

  • Playfoam’s non-toxic formula ensures safe sensory play activities
  • Children will love opening these snowdome-themed pods of Playfoam to reveal their surprise winter-themed collectible
  • Each pod contains a friendly toy animal within the Playfoam
  • Children will love creating their own customised creatures as heads and bodies pop apart for mix and match activities
  • Encourage creative play with the Playfoam, as children sculpt nests, beds and other props for their animals
  • Includes collection sheet for collectible identification
  • Each snowdome pod measures 7.5cm H x 7cm D
  • Discover all 13 Playfoam Pal Snowy Friends collectibles to find the rare Snowman, Sven
  • Features multilingual packaging
  • Contents of pods may vary!

    About Playfoam

    Awesome creative moulding material like nothing we have seen or felt's like it should be sticky but it isn't!! It's all very strange! 

    Create mess-free shapes and bright colourful sculptures out of the squishy Playfoam that can be moulded and shaped before being squashed down and starting over again.

    Playfoam is completely mess free and does not stick to hands, clothes or carpet and you can use the playfoam to pick itself up like play dough!

    The compound is non-toxic and never dries out, so is the perfect toy to play with again and again. The bead-like structure promotes sensory perception and fine motor skill development. Children can let their imagination run wild and have lots of fun experimenting with the unusual textures!

    Enjoy imaginative and creative play with Playfoam
    Mess-free compound that never dries out
    Bead-like structure promotes sensory perception and fine motor skill development
    Squash down creations to start over again
    Non-toxic formula safe for children

    Colours chosen at random.

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