Water Play Bundle
Water Play Bundle

Water Play Bundle

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Whether it is in the bath, a bowl, a tuff tray or out in the garden we all know that water play is the best play to keep most children occupied and happy! 

We have put together some resources which combined can be used to make a nice and easy water play set up!

This set includes the following:

2 x Water Blaster Pipettes 

2 x Gowi Measuring Jugs

2 x Red Plastic Saucepans

1 x Cracklebaff Colours - 3 use pack

1 x Baff Bombz (heart or slimon) 

1 x Mermaid Treasure Chest pack(random pick between gelli and slime)

1 x Under water or aquatic coloured counters 

Photo of set contents of follow/  All product information available online within each product on the website in the meantime. Sam x

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