Skwooshi 1kg Tub
Skwooshi 1kg Tub
Skwooshi 1kg Tub
Skwooshi 1kg Tub
Skwooshi 1kg Tub

Skwooshi 1kg Tub

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This is the BEST feeling sensory play resource!  We LOVE it! 

Skwooshi™ is a compound unlike anything else you have ever played with! It is an incredible mouldable compound that doesn’t dry out, it is mess free you can create amazing shapes, characters or construct with it.
But, the magic is...the ”Skwooshi Effect”.... one minute you are moulding with Skwooshi,  the next minute Skwooshi is flowing! (And for all you scientists out there it is a “Non - Newtonian Fluid”) then instantly transforms right back to the incredible moulding compound.

Stretch it, Pull it, Mould it, Skwooshi it, LET”S HAVE SOME FUN! SKWOOSHI!!!

Key Features:

  • Wheat and Gluten free
  • Skwooshi effect - goes from moulding to waterfall effect
  • Never dries out
  • Non-Toxic
  • No mess and can easily be picked up from carpet or floor
  • No smell
  • Can be dried if gets wet
  • 1Kg per Bucket

Avaliable in 2 colours at present:

  • Pink
  • Orange

Recommended Age 3+ 

NORMAL RRP is over £24 plus shipping x We have free shipping so our price is £19!  This can be used over again as it never dries out!

We have smaller sizes and rainbow packs with various colours.  The large pots we only have pink and orange at present.

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