Small Sand Timers
Small Sand Timers
Small Sand Timers
Small Sand Timers

Small Sand Timers

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New Mini Sand Timers!

These mini Sand Timers are ideal for helping to promote and develop improved and managed time keeping and concentration, giving children an effective visual demonstration of time passing.

Our 5 minute sand timer is ideal for use at home or in the classroom, whether it be getting your little one to tidy their bedroom or for use in classroom games.

Our three minute timer is great for in the bathroom to ensure your children get a good brush done twice a day! Or what about using for turn taking when they wont stop arguing!

Our one minute timer is great for time outs and for helping to show when its almost time to turn off the TV or go to bed..

30 seconds is great for game playing and time outs for smaller children if you use them!

Conforms to current European safety standards. 

One timer provided. 

Black - 5 mins

Yellow - 3 mins

Red - 1 min

Green - 30 Second 

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